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Michael Melerine for BESE District 4

How will Michael help our children succeed?

Michael wants to:

  • Ensure students are learning and achieving

  • Give students the opportunity to receive the best education possible

  • Support and encourage the growth of Louisiana as a whole

We need to invest in:

  • Jump Start Programs

  • Curriculum options, such as Course Choice/Supplemental Course Allocation

  • Our students whether they are going to college or pursuing a career

Our Students Deserve Better!

We need to give our teachers the resources they need to succeed and this will in turn help our children to succeed.

Michael promises to be an advocate for our students and to help them succeed in the most efficient way!

The Opportunity to Achieve

Every student deserves the opportunity to achieve and to become a productive adult.  Michael believes that every family should have the opportunity to educate their children, whether that education be public or private.  Every family deserves options.

Encourage Growth for Louisiana

In order for Louisiana to grow we must have successful adults.  This is only possible if we invest in their education as children. A great way to accomplish this is through Louisiana’s Jump Start Program.  The program has already shown good results, but it can continue to grow so that our future workers can thrive in the workplace.  Jump Start bridges the gap between education and employment and provides an alternative to attending college.

Invest in High School Students, Too!

Course Choice, or Supplemental Course Allocation, gives public school districts a Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) allocation which will allow for career and technical preparation and other educational opportunities for our young adults.

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Supporters of Michael Melerine for BESE District 4

  • State Senator Barrow Peacock
  • State Senator Barry Milligan
  • State Senator Robert Mills
  • State Representative Alan Seabaugh
  • State Representative Raymond Crews
  • Shreveport City Councilman John Nickelson
  • Bossier School Board Member Shane Cheatham
  • Caddo School Board Member Barry Rachal
  • Caddo School Board Member Christine Tharpe
  • Caddo Commissioner Jim Taliaferro