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LIST OF Stances
Lower Taxes                                   
Right to Bear Arms
Improved Infrastructure
Less Government
Competitive Healthcare
These are my core beliefs and what will guide me.
Not only do we deserve lower taxes, but we deserve for our tax dollars to be spent in the most efficient manner. 
I am a member of the NRA, and I believe that our Right to Bear Arms protects our right to free speech.  This should not be infringed upon.  
I am a businessman, and the more that the government gets involved the worse our business sector and economy become.    
I 100% believe that life begins at conception.  
Many of our roads and bridges are in disrepair.  I will fight for our roads and bridges to be fixed in Baton Rouge.
We have a limited amount of options for healthcare in Louisiana, and the cost is horrendous.  I believe that we should allow for competition across state lines.     
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